Do you need to introduce agile and lean thinking in your newsroom or product development team? We can help you get there and see the benefits.

Here at Mashplant Media, we firmly believe that working in an agile way with a product mindset helps bring out the best of everyone involved in a project – and crucially deliver more value to your audience, customers and business.

The fundamental threads within agile and lean thinking are about getting something of value live in as quick a timescale as possible and, crucially, learning from every step in the process to facilitate improvements in the future.

During his time at the New Statesman Media Group, Metro and City AM, Martin has woven agile thinking into his teams, the product development process and in the newsroom as a whole.

Whether it’s ditching long news conferences for short but effective content stand-ups or by getting out award-winning products within a matter of months, Martin has seen the impact of this approach time and again.

If you want to introduce agile or lean thinking into your business – or want help in creating an environment where it can flourish, we are keen to help.

Get in touch here and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.