Ensure you get the most engaged audience you can by aligning your content and SEO strategy to bring in new readers and retain existing ones.

Getting your content strategy right is the key to attracting – and keeping – the right audience. As someone clever once said: content is king.

But in today’s diversified digital ecosystem it’s not just about the quality of your content, it’s also about ensuring that the people you want to read that content are able to find it. And that means your content strategy should go hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy.

At Mashplant Media we have years of experience in aligning high-quality digital content with effective SEO techniques to ensure that you attract the audience you want and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Here are just a few questions we might be able to help with:

  • How do I get my site indexed in Google? And how do I boost my rankings?
  • How do I get my content featured in Google News?
  • How do I create a content strategy which will keep people on my site?
  • What tone should I be using and what should we be writing about?
  • How should I write headlines and articles for maximum SEO exposure?
  • Should I worry about Google AMP any more or is it all about Core Web Vitals?
  • Do I need to bring an SEO editor into my newsroom?
  • How can I train my editorial/content team to think more about SEO?

We’d love to talk about how we might be able to help you meet your objectives. Just drop us a line at hello@mashplantmedia.com and we can take it from there.