Whether it’s a website redesign or new mobile app launch, let us help you get to where you want quicker with help at every stage of the process.

Launching a new digital product or redesigning a tired website is hugely exciting – but it can also be rather daunting.

Will anyone visit your shiny new app or site? Will the numbers tank after the redesign? How will you ensure your existing users don’t get so upset at the changes that they switch off while at the same time attract new users?

These are all questions we’ve faced at various points so we can help point you in the right direction when thinking about what to consider and how to manage expectations around a launch or redesign.

We are firm believers in a product mindset and the agile way of thinking which for us boils down to getting stuff done quickly and learning from it even more quickly. We’d love to help your organisation adopt this approach if there are challenges to doing so.

We also place a huge value on getting real users to test your assumptions and can offer guidance on how to structure a user testing process to get the most valuable insight out of it.

And then there’s what happens after you’ve launched. Or when you are in beta mode. We can help ensure you set up the right tests and measure the right metrics to give your new product the best chance of success possible.

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