Martin joined us as a Consultant Digital Media and Product Director at Dazed Media and was a joy to work with. He integrated seamlessly with the teams and worked well with our Execs, he ran various workshops for us around strategy and product, bringing new digital ways of thinking to us. We had a brilliant experience with him and will continue to collaborate as we implement his recommendations.

Priya Matadeen, Managing Director, Dazed Media

Priya Matadeen

Dennis engaged Martin to complete an audit and validation project across one of it’s biggest digital brands. Through the project, Martin spent time with key stakeholders and the wider editorial team to understand, identify and validate the market fit for our new proposition. We were thoroughly impressed with his output and recommendations. He left key members of staff actionable insights and reports that are still in use today.

Nick Flood, Former Managing Director, Digital, Dennis Publishing

Martin came into Beano Studios, initially as a consultant and hit the ground running right away making a real difference to our digital, content, platform and audience growth ambition. It was a time of great change for Beano and so it needed Martin’s calm and expert experience. Martin made such an impact that we offered him a full time role and he continued to add value all the way through.

David Guppy, CEO, Beano Studios

Martin is one of the good guys. Dependable, creative and fun to work with, but mainly he’s experienced at growing the right audience for the right product.

Stephen Hull, Head of Digital – ITV News

Martin helped us with an audience development strategy to take to the next level. I can’t say enough about how quickly and easily he understood our challenge and identified very specific strategies that we could implement, all based on a combination of his experience and our data. Martin has done it before, and it was that combined with his analytical approach that was so appealing and helpful. If I ever need to tackle a complex challenge like this one again, he will be the first person I will call.

Jeff Moriarty, Former Chief Digital Officer – JPI Media

Working with Martin was straight-forward, engaging and rewarding. He very quickly understood our aims and strengths and was able to identify target areas for improvement. While helping us in this process, he remained collegiate and open to our ideas, allowing us to reflect on what might be possible.

Max Landry, Former CEO – The Conversation UK

Martin helped us develop an audience development strategy and was a pleasure to work with. He’s got great experience, takes a pragmatic approach and took time to fully understand our business before getting to work. He backs up recommendations with data and understands the commercial challenges of a large-scale digital business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any potential client.

Harry Foges, Former Editor-in-Chief – and BT Sport

Martin was a great help in the early stages of setting up our digital publishing business. His SEO and analytics expertise were hugely valuable in helping us define and build our audience.

Suzie Neurwith, Editor-in-Chief & Founder – Royal Crescent Publishing